Down but Not Out

I can’t believe that we have already entered count-down mode, when we’re all beginning to say – next year I’m starting with a new diet, I’m going to give up smoking or get more exercise. Oh sure, we’ve all tried before, but despite best intentions, like me, most resolutions disappear before the middle of the first month of the year. Remember that every day is the beginning of a new year so if a snack binge does break your diet on January 15th, make a new resolution effective from January 16th for weight loss.

stay positive and live posiive

Plan ahead, set realistic goals, never say never and don’t give up. Don’t strive for the impossible and remember too that far off goals only invite procrastination. It is far better to promise a 2kg loss by January 15th than 4kg. Remember to also have strategies in place to deal with temptation too.  The coming of a new year is a great opportunity for self-improvement and its a time of second chances and of hope. Remember you may be down, but you’re never out. Don’t be the backslider who feels bad and discounts the importance of making personal changes. Lets make a special effort in 2016 to make our new resolutions stick like crazy.


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