Stars Can Shine in the Darkness


Stars Can't Shine Without Darkness
I wonder how many people are feeling this

Possibly like a number of people I am struggling to feel positive with the world right now. The atrocities and murders in last month have you wondering what is the point. The cacophony of feeling I have, hurt, anger, distress, confusion, sadness, the list goes on. All of that will be nothing compared to what the victims, their family and friends are feeling.  I honestly cannot see any stars in this darkness.

There again you have to look don’t you? If you walk with your head to the ground you will never see the stars. You have to make the effort. Nothing is easy these days but you can look for the good, in fact you have to, it will not come knocking on your door.  My wife and I had not planned to visit our family In India this year but decided we want to. Skyping is great but we want to feel the physical bonds,hold each other be in the same space. If we had known we would be going I guess we would have aimed to be there for Diwali but just being there will be enough. Whichever time we choose we would have to organise a loan, in advance of us going, so we can organise and purchase the tickets, I found an online company that we are favouring, their loan application appears very straightforward.We plan to go after the Christmas travel is over some time in January, dates not set as we both want to spend some affirmation time at my Ayurveda school and don’t know of the availability yet.

Sometimes knowing who or what your stars are helps; mine are my wife, my family, my faith, ayurveda & yoga;  making time to be with them, enveloping myself in the familiar warmth of my beliefs helps me cope in a world that feels like it is getting darker everyday. Who or what are your stars? What is getting you through the darkness?