Positive thinking : A way to manage Stress

Positive thinking is a good way of dealing with stress

Positive thinking does not mean that you should ignore a difficulty. It is, in fact about approaching an unpleasant situation in a productive and positive way. The thought that good things will come out eventually can actually help. Positive thinking starts with talking to self. Talking to self is running thoughts in your head. The thoughts can be negative or positive. Most of the self-talk arises from two things viz. logic and misconceptions. If the thoughts that you have are negative your approach will be pessimistic. You can change this by practicing it consciously. It takes time but it can be done. There are obvious health benefits of a positive outlook towards all situations. They include increased life, better immune system, less stress and fewer chances of heart ailments. The reason for positive thinkers being healthier is because they can cope better with stress. Stress is the major reason for bad health and positive thinking the way to counter it. All we need is to be positive.


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