Purification of Intentions for Peace of Mind

Positive living and positive thinking are the two fundamental principles of healthy living. They help in purifying the mind and emotions. Many saints and sages across the world have taught various techniques and principles for the attainment of serenity of mind in order to achieve the positive health.

Yoga Sutras of Sage Patanjali are one of the most revered yoga text for the practitioners and students of Yoga Teacher Training around the world. The text explains the principles of mental health promotion through the purification of intentions and corrections of attitude. Most of the problems in the modern life will arise on account of improper behavior with our fellow beings. According to sage Patanjali, Yoga Philosophy recognizes four types of People in the society and we need to develop the corresponding behavior and approach in order to bring the peace of mind, they are,

Happy People: A spirit off of friendliness should be entrained towards those who experience the feeling of happiness.

Unhappy People: The spirit of compassion is developed towards the people suffering from miseries or unhappiness.

Good People: The feelings of goodwill and positive gestures are developed towards the virtuous people in the society.

Evil People: The feelings of indifference towards those who are steeping in a vice or overlooking their faults.

This sort of thoughts give rises to cleaner virtue and thus the mind becomes pure. The purified mind eventually enjoys concentration and serenity. We find the similar teachings from Buddha to be peaceful. Harmony is possible through the purification of our emotions and attitudes through such training and this is the most helpful practice of positive living.

Reference: Patanjala Yoga Sutras Chapter -I-33.


Self-confidence and the Process of Healthy Living

Self-confidence and celebrating who you are

Self-confidence is a common trait among the absurdly successful, but is it their success that led them to be confident, or their confidence that led them to be successful? Psychological research into self-worth reveals this as a two-way street. That is not to say that self-confidence is a surefire way to succeed, as confidence needs to be tempered with experience and intelligence if it is to truly be a boon to you as a person. There are many Tips for improving self-confidence, some of which can applied easily and quickly, every single day of your life. Don’t feel the need to compare yourself to others, you are unique, and your worth is not dictated by what you have accomplished, but by what sort of person you strive to be. Exercise when you can, not only will this improve your health, but it also floods your bloodstream with chemicals that can naturally improve your feeling of self-worth. Focus on the things that you can change, not everything is up to you, but there are things that are might be improved by your insight, so do your best. Most importantly, it is important to know that becoming a more confident person doesn’t happen overnight. It takes real concerted effort, even just small changes over a period of time, that can add up to a real feeling of progress and better self-esteem. It is also important to note the potential help of medical professionals, as while mental illness such as depression is often derided by the fortunate and ignorant, it is still a very common illness that has affected many people throughout history, though now we have the evolving medical and psychological fields to combat the problem. Don’t be afraid to ask for help from the professionals and keep on making progress.