Yoga for Positive Health and Thinking

Positive thinking and maintaining the positive health is great blessings in the modern stressful life. The negativity of the thoughts affects our mental health and becomes one of the fundamental factors for various psychosomatic diseases.

Yoga is the most ancient psychosomatic training known for the mankind to lead the life filled with health, happiness and harmony in all the dimensions of the personality. The classical curriculum of Yoga Teacher Training Programmes provides the outline of the various health benefits for the positive health of the mind and body.

Role in Social Health

The principles of Yoga such as Yama and Niyama are the essential guidelines for the harmony of the individual and society. The code of conduct such as non-violence and the personal observances helpful for the cultivation of the willpower, intellect and emotions are the great contribution of yoga for the healthy society.

Positive Physical Health

The practice of Asanas, pranayama helps in improving the strength and flexibility.  Brings the purification of the body through the removal of the toxins form the body, they enhance the health functioning of the various organs of eth different systems contributing positive physical health. Dietetic discipline in Yoga is another important health concept through the nutritional principles.

Mental Health

The techniques of meditation and relaxations are a very good antidote for the stressful situations. They induce a deep level of mental and physical relaxation. Enhances the peace of mind, one-pointedness and other cognitive capacities like attention and concentration. These all benefits are very useful to bring the best mental health for better thinking and clarity.

Holistic Health and Wellness is an important contribution of the principles and practices of Yoga for the modern life. The practice of Yoga plays a pivot role in the revival of the traditional heritage with the consideration of the advantages for the sustaining environment along the lines of cost-effective measures.


Down but Not Out

I can’t believe that we have already entered count-down mode, when we’re all beginning to say – next year I’m starting with a new diet, I’m going to give up smoking or get more exercise. Oh sure, we’ve all tried before, but despite best intentions, like me, most resolutions disappear before the middle of the first month of the year. Remember that every day is the beginning of a new year so if a snack binge does break your diet on January 15th, make a new resolution effective from January 16th for weight loss.

stay positive and live posiive

Plan ahead, set realistic goals, never say never and don’t give up. Don’t strive for the impossible and remember too that far off goals only invite procrastination. It is far better to promise a 2kg loss by January 15th than 4kg. Remember to also have strategies in place to deal with temptation too.  The coming of a new year is a great opportunity for self-improvement and its a time of second chances and of hope. Remember you may be down, but you’re never out. Don’t be the backslider who feels bad and discounts the importance of making personal changes. Lets make a special effort in 2016 to make our new resolutions stick like crazy.

Power of surrounding yourself with people to achieve optimal health – Part 2

Continuing with our last post, where we talked about importance of having positive people around you to keep you motivated to keep going, we continue with the next part in this post. So here is the part 2

The grocery shopping partner

Living healthy would never mean doing any single thing. Living healthy has a whole lot of aspects. One very important aspect is eating right. When you shop yourself, you do so with a limited amount of information and try to rush and finish the entire shopping process at the quickest. This is the very reason why having a grocery shopping partner is a boon.

Having a grocery shopping partner would help you understand your choices better. You would be discussing products, the health benefits and what not. If your shopping partner and you have the same ideals, health benefits is just a stone throw away.


The questioning best friend

The best way to get anything done is to tell someone very close to you. For example if your goal is to drop junk food, telling your best friend this would really help. Simply because she will remind you about your goal again and again till you eventually get driven to do it!

Power of surrounding yourself with people to achieve optimal health _ Part1

I would like to discuss this post in 2 parts.

So, here comes the first

Getting up in the morning and pushing yourself to go for a jog is a chore in itself. Having to do it alone, only makes it worse! No matter how self motivated an individual maybe, it gets tiring having to wake up and jog or swim alone. This is the very reason why surrounding yourself with like-minded people who share your passion is important.


Achieving optimal health is a process with many pit stops. Usually doing the right thing is never easy. Having the following type of people around you is always a plus.

It is wisest never to exercise alone. If you are a person who jogs alone to spend some alone time, pick up a neighbor or friend who likes doing the same. The two of you could go on your morning or evening run lost in your own thoughts, but together. This will ensure that you have someone waiting for you to wake up so that they can get their jog done. This gives you a sense of responsibility and positive peer pressure.

Another way to optimize your work out is to do group work outs. Joining Pilates or kick boxing classes would encourage you to make it to your work out on time. Along with that, an automatic support group is formed because everyone there is doing the same work out or perhaps aiming towards the same goals as you are. Having a group of friends to look forward to meeting would push you and motivate you to reach your work outs on time.