Living Positive with Jas

Positivity in Purity

Feelig and living with positive spirit is great blessing in the modern life. This is in fact being like big challenge on account of various factors such as the excessive work stress and the migration to the urban life and... Continue Reading →

Positive Emotions – The Key To Being Healthy

Do you know that more than a million emotions go through our mind and body daily? We are not aware that every second of our life is filled with emotions. You cannot escape emotions, but can inculcate the habit of... Continue Reading →

Purification of Intentions for Peace of Mind

Positive living and positive thinking are the two fundamental principles of healthy living. They help in purifying the mind and emotions. Many saints and sages across the world have taught various techniques and principles for the attainment of serenity of... Continue Reading →

Yoga for Positive Health and Thinking

Positive thinking and maintaining the positive health is great blessings in the modern stressful life. The negativity of the thoughts affects our mental health and becomes one of the fundamental factors for various psychosomatic diseases. Yoga is the most ancient... Continue Reading →

Positivity breeds success, so get into these positive habits today!

You often hear the term "the power of positive thinking." While the power of positive thinking is very real, it is often misunderstood. For example, buying a lottery ticket and "thinking positively" will not improve your chances of winning at... Continue Reading →

Positivity sayings that change your outlook on life

"You cannot have a positive life with a negative mind," said Joyce Meyer. Positivity sayings can help you get the right attitude and live a happy and successful life. Your life is a reflection of your thoughts. If you change... Continue Reading →

Positivity and happiness: What is the effect of positivity on your happiness

Everyone who is fortunate to have a job wants to know that their job serves a purpose - it has meaning. Of course, there is no point whatsoever in having a high powered job if you hate every minute of... Continue Reading →

Self-confidence and the Process of Healthy Living

Self-confidence is a common trait among the absurdly successful, but is it their success that led them to be confident, or their confidence that led them to be successful? Psychological research into self-worth reveals this as a two-way street. That... Continue Reading →

Positive thinking : A way to manage Stress

Positive thinking does not mean that you should ignore a difficulty. It is, in fact about approaching an unpleasant situation in a productive and positive way. The thought that good things will come out eventually can actually help. Positive thinking... Continue Reading →

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