You often hear the term “the power of positive thinking.” While the power of positive thinking is very real, it is often misunderstood. For example, buying a lottery ticket and “thinking positively” will not improve your chances of winning at all. Positivity breeds success, and thinking positively is an attitude towards life in general which will lead you to make better decisions, not give up on your goals and aspirations, which will, in turn, make you healthier and happier in every way. How much does confidence breed success? Confidence is the thing you feel inside of you when you know “you can do it.” When you have confidence, you get good at whatever it is you like to do. And when you get good at what you like to do, you become confident. Positivity breeds success, and it also breeds happiness. When you are confident and positive, you will achieve success. When you are successful, you attract other positive and successful people to your life. Remember, everyone loves a winner. Go out there, be positive, be confident, work towards what you want and you will succeed.